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Cooking Book


"Cook like a chef without making leftovers, without a single potato peel or a single stem of artichoke ending up in the garbage or getting moldy in the fridge. Dream? Utopia? Fantasy? Maybe not. Tommaso Arrigoni, chef of the starred restaurant Innocenti Evasioni in Milan , with this volume it wants to allow everyone to prepare gourmet dishes without excessive waste, so if you are among those who dream of delighting their guests with elegant and not difficult recipes, but at the same time do not like having leftovers in the fridge, this is the book that's right for you Here you will find fifty-two dishes (divided into four chapters dedicated to appetizers, first courses, second courses and desserts) that are not overly complex but have great effect and are sure to succeed, to which are added as many (for a total of 104 recipes) to use all (or almost all) of the waste obtained, plus a series of suggestions and tips that will allow you to take advantage of the last fishbone or bread crumb and and to cook consciously and responsibly. After reading these pages you will no longer throw the stalks of the broccoli left over from a plate of pasta into the damp, but you will turn them into a pleasant guacamole. The quince peel for cotechino mustard will be the basis for an excellent non-alcoholic cider with which to season an exotic fruit soup. The pineapple cores used for a dessert will become an unusual appetizer if accompanied by prawns and fried sage. A book with a double soul, in short, with the first you will learn to prepare dishes like the ones you would eat sitting at a starred restaurant table, using professional techniques and ingredients, and with the second you will make appetizing, satisfying and decidedly non-trivial recipes. "

(Lydia Capasso - translated)

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