Tommaso Arrigoni

Tommaso Arrigoni is the chef who created the restaurant Innocenti Evasioni, with the constant pursuit of new dishes to astonish his guests with unique food proposals. In 2016, together with his wife, he founded "Arrilonga", a wine house in Monferrato (Piedmont) for the production of organic wine. Tommaso is also vice president of the prestigious "Juenues Restaurateurs d’Europe", ambassador of different brands, and host of numerous TV shows.


Innocenti Evasioni

The cuisine of Michelin-starred Innocenti Evasioni keeps an eye on tradition, revisiting and enhancing it in its best expressions. The menu is a constant pursuit of transforming the best raw materials to create emotion-arousing plates. With a combination of creativity and experimentation, the menu follows the flavors of the seasons.

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Innocenti Evasioni


Via Privata della Bindellina, Milano

Open Monday to Saturday from 8 to 11 pm

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