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Arrilonga, Our Wine

... this adventure was born as a game, we were looking for a quiet place to spend our free time, we found a corner of paradise and a vineyard that was waiting to be taken care of and loved.
The rows, all facing south at a height of mt. 450 slm, were immediately converted into organic and with the 2018 vintage we will be ICEA certified.

We produce a Monferrato D.O.C. Red from Dolcetto grapes with no added sulfites, we make few bottles, well, and with all the respect that nature deserves.

The company rows barely reach one hectare, for a production of around 4 thousand bottles per year. Bred with maximum respect for the balance of environment, nature, ecosystem and biodiversity, the vines are carried out according to precise agronomic rules, following the rules of ICEA certified organic agriculture from 2018, and therefore practicing mowing exclusively to keep the soil clean. sub-profile and banishing any systemic treatment or chemical herbicide.

In the cellar, the philosophy adopted is not very different from that applied in the vineyard, so the vinification is carried out at a controlled temperature and carried out in steel, as is aging, but above all sulphites are not added, caps made from polymers are used 100% vegetable derived from sugar cane, and no element of the animal world is used for clarification, so that the wine can be safely considered as a vegan wine.

The name of our wine is 6D3, a code that contains dates, and important moments in our lives, a tribute to the happiness and conviviality that only wine is able to profess.

Technical Sheet

Vintage 2017 and 2018 Label


Vintage 2016 Label

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